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A boutique CANADIAN public affairs agency

Apollo launches innovative and effective integrated campaigns for corporations, unions, professional associations, and not-for-profits who need intervention when the stakes are high. We win with disciplined research, focused strategy, innovative tactics, compelling content, and a bias for action.

We partner with Canada's leading government relations and public policy experts to add strategic and tactical supports to help clients achieve their objectives with government. Apollo also advises corporations on the strategic use of issue advocacy to gain market share and build trust with consumers.

what we do

Government advocacy

Simple access to decision-makers is no longer sufficient to effect substantial changes in government policy.

Today's populist governments make policy and take decisions based on sophisticated public opinion research, analysis of voter correspondence, monitoring of media and social dialogue, and consultation with stakeholders.

Apollo specializes in moving the needle on these metrics to help influence government decisions on behalf of our clients. We provide the strategic supports that enable government relations success.
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Brand advocacy

Today's top companies understand the intersection of politics and business beyond the traditional frame of risk, regulation, and market access.

Consumers today are more likely to buy or boycott a product based on corporate stances on social and political issues than they have ever been before. Smart corporate leaders are taking stands, advocating on issues, and reaping the rewards.

Apollo works with leading Canadian corporations to develop issue advocacy plans that land with consumers and build trust.